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Smart is the next generation of web-based education management systems. It was designed with this generation in mind to compensate for the challenges our conventional institutions face today. We think you'll agree the key features built into this system will provide solutions for this generation and the next that far out perform any education management system on the market. Take a look for yourself.

Online Classes

SMART supports a wide range of 3rd party video conferencing integrations with a SMART touch, so that you focus less on the technological part and do more on the academic part.

Online Fees & Payouts

SMART facilitates automatic fee collection and payouts with proper taxation. Choose from a wide range of payment gateways, monitor dues, offer discounts and lot more.

Online Exam & Marksheets

Create and conduct an online exam in seconds. Add and update marks and grades, publish marksheets and send to desired groups in a minute.

Routine & Attendance

Mark attendance for students and employees in the easiest interface. Allocate subjects to teachers and create a timetable well in advance for error free academic activities.

Online Admission

Carry out new admissions from the portal and assign to various disciplines with the least of paperwork.

Interactive reports

Nobody has ever progressed without tracking the proper metrics. SMART makes sure you gets served with all the correct reports to monitor and experience the change.

Built by teachers for other teachers in the community

A goto dashboard for teachers that helps conducting their day to day activities easier
  • A simple interface to not confuse you and let you do what you do best
  • Customise and keep it the way you like it
  • Works across all systems
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Awesome Image

Everything a student needs under one roof

An interactive dashboard for students containing all the information he/she needs on a daily basis.
  • Students often stay idle during online classes without the notice of teachers, but not here. Whenever a student has left the screen for more than 5 mins, the teacher gets an alert with the student name.
  • All assignments, time tables and progress reports in one place
  • The easiest interface built keeping all kinds of students in mind.
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Keeping education whereabouts of your wards has never been easier

An user-friendly dashboard for parents, which helps them stay updated with the performance of their wards and academic activities, helps raise and track complaints and keeps alerted about all important administrative activities.
  • Stay alerted of your due fees and pay online from anywhere across the world
  • View progress reports, attendance reports and lots more
  • Communicate more with respective teachers to get deeper insights about your wards
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Awesome Image

Everything you will ever need for your institute

SMART comes packed with all the modules you need or will ever need to manage your institute chains efficiently

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